Complete CD Boxset


Legacy Book publishing

Elucidate have worked as a digital contractor for the BBC for most of it’s existence, working on a range of digital projects for Learning and Online. We acted as publishers on a follow-up to the prestigious Legacy project. Legacy was broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster throughout 1999 – but the series and stories have remained in many people’s minds. ”Legacy, a collection of personal testimonies from people affected by the Troubles in Northern Ireland” is a combined book and 12 CD audio collection that gives a second opportunity to listen to the voices and read the stories from Legacy.  Graphic Design


Book and audio boxed set

The CDs contain the complete collection of the Radio Ulster series and the book contains the full transcripts of the 365 individual testimonies, one for each day of the year. They are illustrated with a selection of poignant archive photographs. Elucidate were responsible for production of the entire product and it’s distribution to market.

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