Pocket-sized Digital Guide


iPhone app and course guide

Local Golf Caddy is a pocket-sized digital guide to the Lough Erne Resort.  It is a rich blend of content and functionality, with an interactive course guide as the centre point of this iPhone app. Users can examine each hole in detail and receive practical tips via interactive hotspots at key points on the map. Embedded video guides from the Club’s Director and Head Professional, Lynn McCool, enhance the experience and make this product unique in the marketplace.

For more information, visit: http://localgolfcaddy.com/  Branding, Interactive, Mobile Apps, Website


Great for novice and pro golfers

This app comes packed with many features that allow novice to pro golfers navigate around the golf course with ease, taking into account all hazards, boundaries and key areas of the course:

• Easy to use interface.
• Course Selection.
• See shot and yardage details.
• Hole-by-hole course images and descriptions
• Hints & Tips by professional golfers
• Video Interviews with local golfers and professionals
• Instant warning alerts for Hazards

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